The Rules of Soccer ball Field

Mar. 26, 2021

The Rules of Soccer ball Field

Soccer can be played on either a grass field or a surface covered by artificial turf. Soccer games must, however, be played on a surface that is green in color.

The soccer field must have a rectangular shape, with two distinct short goal lines and two distinct long-touch lines.

A halfway line, which is a straight line connecting the midpoints of the two touchlines, divides the field into halves.

At the midpoint of the halfway line, there is a marked center point that is enclosed by a lined center circle. The lined center circle has a radius of 10 yards.

During kickoff, players from the non-possessing team are not allowed to enter the lined center circle. The touch lines must have a greater length than the  goal lines.

The soccer ball field acreage

General football field

Length: the shortest 100 yards (90 meters), the longest 130 yards (120 meters).

Width: the shortest 50 yards (45 meters), the longest 100 yards (90 meters).

Football stadium for international matches

Length: The shortest is 110 yards (100 meters), the longest is 120 yards (110 meters).

Width: the shortest is 70 yards (64 meters), the longest is 82 yards (75 meters).

World Cup match football field

Length: 115 yards(105 meters).

Width: 74 yards(68 meters).

In any case, the length must exceed the width.

Penalty area: 16.50m X 40.32m

Goal area: 5.50m X 18.32m

Middle circle radius: 9.15 meters

Center point and penalty point diameter: 0.22 meters

Corner radius: 1 meter

The height of the corner flag shall not be less than: 1.5 meters


The Pitch Surface

Although grass is the recommended surface of play, artificial turf may also be used. This is allowed especially in countries with extreme weather conditions where the grass may not grow well and may require expensive maintenance.

For instance, in countries where the climate is extremely dry or wet like in snowing countries, grass surfaced pitch may not be a viable option.

Instead, artificial turf is used but it has to be green and approved by FIFA since there were concerns that some artificial turf play surface was causing severe injuries to players.

Nevertheless, soccer can also be played on a dirt field, especially if it is a recreational player.

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