How does TPU Volleyball Benefit You?

Oct. 29, 2020

What are the benefits of choosing practice to play TPU volleyball? These are a few points you need to know when choosing volleyball fitness, so do you know now?

1. Improve body shape and posture, regulate spleen and kidney function

Volleyball bounce can not only exercise the leg muscles but also exercise the hip muscles well. Playing TPU volleyball more bounce can practice beautiful buttocks, make S figure more prominent. According to observations, volleyball players are almost the best among all athletes. People with poor balance can also improve their posture by playing indoor volleyball.

2. You can find someone to vent when you are in a good mood, protect the liver, release stress, and regulate emotions

Although indoor volleyball is softer than basketball, some of the actions are particularly enjoyable: before serving, the players slap the volleyball on the ground fiercely and bang, and when the palm is slapped, the nerve endings of the fingers and palm will quickly sense the intense stimulation. The brain and the brain immediately become excited, release hormones, release the soreness of the spine, arms, and wrists. After 20 consecutive heavy blows, the general moderate pressure (scalp tightness) is released.

3. Lower blood pressure and reduce the chance of obesity

In sports, there is often a bouncing and spiking action, exercise the thighs, waist, and abdomen muscles, so that the legs are free of fat, the waist is more toned, and the arms will have a perfect curve. Since you have to jump frequently, you should pay attention to control your appetite, otherwise, you will fall before you jump!

TPU Indoor Volleyball

TPU Indoor Volleyball

4. Improve muscle strength, make muscles symmetrical and powerful, and promote body flexibility and coordination

In TPU volleyball, the ball-catching action often involves tapping the three yang meridians and three yin meridians that stimulate the arm. Playing volleyball can make the nervous system more flexible. For example, lack of concentration, mental weakness, etc. can also receive unexpected adjustment effects. Playing a ball can not only exercise the body but also improve people's psychological quality. In the game, the good psychological quality will be flexible and reflect agility.

5. Promote the growth of the body, improve the ability to jump, repair the spine, and improve heart and lung function

The basic movements of playing TPU volleyball, squatting, and raising your head like a leopard, are always ready to catch the ball, run, smash, and defensive movements. They are powerful for the development of the spine but are prone to spinal deformation for middle-aged people, Playing volleyball regularly can repair the spine, reduce the pressure on the heart and lung muscles, and improve cardiopulmonary function.

6. Avoid passive damage, active damage is controllable

Because there is a net separated, indoor volleyball collisions are reduced, which greatly reduces the chance of injury, and the body is not easily injured. Don't use brute force when smashing the ball, but do it skillfully. The drop point is more lethal than the force. Preparatory exercises must be in place before the game, at least 15 minutes of warm-up before playing, so that you can actively control the injury.

For more details of volleyball, please contact ANCI.

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