Black Technology on sport products

Sep. 15, 2020

With the rapid development of information technology, all walks of life are facing huge upgrade opportunities and challenges, as is the sports industry. The organic integration of the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, VR/AR, 3D printing with sports products, stadiums, and sports services will surely bring new changes to the sports fitness industry.

Sports black technology is creating new opportunities for Internet sport, Sport industry changes are around, the technological content of the world cup on the year of 2018

▪ Smart football: In 2018 World Cup, Adidas released the official Match Soccer Balls "Telstar 18" (TV Star) for the 2018 Russia World Cup. The football is embedded with a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip. With this technology, the ball's trajectory can be easily and effectively obtained. The player’s shooting skills can connect football with the smartphone in the hands of consumers. For players on the field and fans outside the field, this approach is a very unique review and sharing experience. This is the first time the technology has been used in official game balls.

Match Soccer Balls 

▪ Video Assistant Referee( VAR)

In the 2018 Russia World Cup, a video assistant referee was also introduced to prepare the referees with a powerful "electronic eye" ability. The video playback of the video assistant referee involves four situations: a goal, a penalty kick, a red card, and the referee's recognition of the wrong player. The video assistant referee system consists of 33 broadcast cameras scattered at various angles and two dedicated offside cameras, of which eight ultra-slow motion cameras and four ultra-slow motion cameras (6 ultra-slow motion cameras in the knockout stage) are video The most technological part of the assistant referee.

 Match Soccer Balls

▪ Digital Performance and Tracking System (EPTS)

Digital performance and tracking systems have also appeared on the stadium of this World Cup. Since 2015, players have been allowed to use and wear wearable devices on the competition arena. This combination of wearable devices, optical tracking technology, and GPS is equivalent to one. The digital performance and tracking system of the company was born. This system uses cameras, smart devices on the player's body, and GPS positioning technology to record the player's position on the court, movement trajectory, passing, suppression, speed, tackle, personal status and other data, and transmit it within 30 seconds at the latest The console and the tablet computers of the coach and the medical team can help the coach and the medical team to monitor the player status in real time.

▪ Smart football shoes

Adidas has developed a smart football shoe. The speed measuring device is placed under the football shoe insole. It can measure the movement speed, acceleration, time, running distance, energy consumption and other data during training. These data are transmitted through wireless transmission. Real-time transfer to smartphones allows coaches or athletes to easily understand training-related data, so as to develop training plans for players and help players achieve good results on the field.

 Match Soccer Balls

Virtual reality (VR) watching the ball

In addition to UHD+HDR (Ultra High Definition + High Dynamic Range Imaging) signals, the 64 games in 2018 World Cup also used 360-degree virtual reality technology to present the audience with a visual feast. Among them, BBC and other TV stations launched virtual reality live broadcasts. Let the audience watch the game through virtual reality equipment and experience the realistic picture experience as if watching the game on site.

Now with the rapid development of the Internet and 5G techonology, we will see more black techonology which appear on the 2022 world cup,
Let us look forward to it.


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